Patrick Fuchs

Audio Sample (German)


Audio Sample (German)

Schatten voraus

Audio Sample (German)

15 Tage Hölle überleben

The Narrator.

As a trained actor and narrator I will read you text in the appropriate atmospheric tone. Friendly, spooky, suspense creating or relaxing, just what the text needs.

Always fascinated by spoken words, I started at the age of 8 to record my comic books. At the age of 21 I took acting up as a career, and today, I live a dream come true, narrating audiobooks.

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

Your text and my voice.

With clients reaching from Newcomers and self-publishers to publishing houses and award winning authors, how is it done?
In a first e-mail contact we will assess your wishes and goals for the German audiobook market. 

Then you receive my financial concept and artistic ideas surrounding your project. 

You decide if we go ahead.

Recording, cut and final mastering and upload comes in a one stop service or you get to choose what to upload when and where.

Expect no less but professional service, short reply times and enthusiasm for your project from my side.

My Know-How for your German audiobook production.

You have already experience with publishing English audiobooks? Well, even if not, here you will find sufficient support for getting your project on the german market. With a network of translators, publishers and other narrators, we, together, will get you access to a new interested and loyal audience. 



15 Tage Hölle überleben

(Surviving 15 Days in Hell)

This in parts irritating advisor, gives an insight on the daily humiliations and violence in present day Belarus for political prisoners. The author shows a path to dignity and human resistance to the savage environment.  

Schatten voraus

(Shadows ahead)

Clark Kind, a classic anti- hero, turns 45 and decides to change his life. What happens next is best described as absurd, sometimes grotesque and always entertaining to the morbid mind. 

Truly weird stuff, well written.


13 Horror Short Stories,
giving known celebrities of the genre a new playground to develop their personality. Be it the monster in the attic of Grandma's house or the New York Werewolf in L.A.

Ready for the shiver?

Durch Dick und Dünn

Those wanting to learn from Humans history, have to study the stories of humans.

Hypnose lernen.

Showcasing the practical and helpfull use of hypnosis. Mainly for coaching and therapeutical use, this book enables a quick start into the world of hypnosis for the interested.

Pitscher & Keller

Two locals get involved in a murder mystery. Big Pharma casts its dark shadow on the otherwise quiet town of Kreuzau.

Audiobooks in production

-Die Verführung- by H. Drawe
Hans Drawe is a Director and Author for german National Radio and Television. 

Award Winner of  
"Deutschen Hörbuch Preis 2003" 
(German audiobook reward 2003)

"Hörbuch des Jahres 2000"
(Audiobook of the year 2000)
-Die Architekten des Krieges- by Andrew Watts
-(Original title: the war planners)
Andrew Watts is a former US Military Officer, author and publisher of "the war planners 1-6" and other successful book series.


Microphon: Rode NT1-A
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett
Audio Software: Cubase 12
Workstation: Macbook Air M1

You will receive all data in Wave, MP3 and/or FLAC. (other Formats can be requested)